Dinah Strange | Richmond Concept Inc.

Dinah Strange, Design Director

Dinah Strange

Design Director

Dinah is an awesome addition to the Richmond Concept team because of her laid back attitude and her diverse artistic skill-sets. While she’s typically the mastermind behind our corporate presentations and branding efforts, Dinah simply thrives at everything she does with her intuitive Jedi-like concentration and font-choosing excellence. In fact, as long as all the animals around her are being treated fairly, there’s not much that can ever throw her out of her fierce creative zone.

Dinah is a midwest native and also a McPherson College graduate that could certainly hold her own in a spelling bee. Her “bucket list” is to someday toss aside the vast majority of her earthly possessions so she can travel extensively throughout the US and eventually live in the treehouse of her dreams. How seriously cool is that?