Keri Larange | Richmond Concept Inc.

Keri Larange, Managing Design Director

Keri Larange

Managing Design Director

Keri is our artist savant with a very keen eye for design and an incredible attention to detail. She’s a proud mom that’s always inspiring our team to new heights, and it seems like her endless creativity can be attributed to her childhood hobby of collecting beanie babies and rocking out to boy bands like Hansen and NSYNC. Or maybe it was her degree from U of M Flint or her seriously impressive resume; it’s hard to say what makes a design prodigy. But Keri has it in spades.

Fun fact – Keri traveled to Spain, France and Germany in high school and it’s a trip she hopes to take again someday with her son Jayden. She’d also like to conquer every roller coaster throughout the United States; which is a major hint to potential clients in Utah, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Charlotte (wink wink).